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There are other property inspection companies you could choose.  Why Choose Castle?  We are the largest privately owned multi-inspector home inspection firm in Ohio.  We pride ourselves on professionalism and education. We have our own in-house training which means our inspectors have an on-going source of education, and constant access to technical support.  We use the latest inspection tools, and are leaders in our industry.

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Buying and/or Selling a property can be a stressful experience.  Avoid the Hassle, Call Castle today!  Our staff is waiting to assist you in setting up your inspection!  We provide inspections seven days a week, and have a live employee answering our phones 24 hours a day! We offer competitive price matching with other ASHI certified companies in the area. Our inspection report format is detailed, easy to understand and professional. We provide two copies of the report on site.  In addition to details regarding each major element covered in the inspection process, the report includes particulars such as ages (if possible), life expectancies, as well as general information on the approximate costs of repair/replacement. A free home maintenance guide is also given to you to help assist you post-inspection. We are committed to ensuring that the home you are buying or selling is Safe, Sanitary, and Structurally Sound. There are many advantages to choosing Castle, and it is clear that we are the company to select when you want peace of mind for your purchase or sale! 

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